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Annie Day Heaven Scent Bliss
Annie Day
(MICHT, Cert. Med Ed.)
Annie Day Heaven Scent Bliss
Terry Day
Belief Change Practitioner


I'm Annie Day, owner of Heaven Scent Bliss.

I have been a therapist for several years and have studied many healing disciplines including:

> Allergy Testing
> Animal Healing
> Aromatherapy
> Card Reading
> Crystal Therapy
> Egyptian Sekhem
> Essences
> Health Kinesiology
> Hopi Ear Candles
> Indian Head Massage
> Ionic Detox
> NLP Therapy
> Reflexology
> Reiki
> Sea Shell Healing
> Sex Therapy
> Space Clearing & Feng Shui
> Swedish Massage
> Telephone Consultations
> Tree Spirit Healing

For a full list of therapies that we currently offer please see our ‘Treatment & Therapies’ section.

I have also studied Psychology and practice as a Stress Consultant.

As a Holistic Therapist I utilise my skills and experience to develop a totally unique programme tailored to each individual patient.

I believe in the power of prayer; this coupled with each discipline brings about the most healing benefits.

I believe that healing is enhanced when the patient takes an active part in their own healing process.

I would also like to introduce you to Terry Day, my husband, who works along side me at Heaven Scent Bliss.

Terry is a qualified Health Kinesiologist and offers treatments including:

> Indian Head Massage
> Reiki
> Egyptian Sekhem
> Hopi Ear Candles

Terry and I look forward to welcoming you to Heaven Scent Bliss, where we will develop your own unique healing programme. Please wander the site at your leisure, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to be a quality provider of a comprehensive range of complementary therapies and to be a learning provider of distinction.

To meet a diverse range of Mind, Body and Spritual needs for all clients who find their way to us.

We offer unique, individual treatments in a serene and relaxed environment, with a friendly and caring approach by all staff.

We guarantee after a treatment here you will have experienced 'Heaven Scent Bliss'.

Download Annie's latest radio broadcast here:-

Heaven Scent Bliss Tree Therapy

Listen to Annie's recording:

Tree Spirits: Sentient Beings - Our Connection and Healing

- Ways to engage and communicate with Trees

- How to access the realm of Angels, Faeries, Elementals and Tree Spirits for clarity and guidance.

- The benefits of Tree Spirit Healing for Mind Body & Spirit.

Heaven Scent Bliss, 42 Grange Crescent, Penkridge, Staffs, ST19 5LU   Telephone: 01785 713780   Mobile: 07869 123065   Email: annie@heavenscentbliss.co.uk